Allman's History


1949 – Allman’s building constructed.  Concrete blocks were poured on-site.  Originally operated as a neighborhood market.    

1952 – Route 1 “Bypass” completed.  Route 1 “Business” remains Princess Anne Street and Lafayette Blvd. 

1954 - Opened by Mr. James Allman. (James & Daisy).  Mr. Allman was lovingly called “Pappy”. His son in law, E. W. “Pete” White worked for him from the day Allman’s opened. 

1960 – Mary “Mom” Brown was employed as the cook at Allman's, and she continued to serve Pork BBQ from our kitchen, which is now called “Mom’s Kitchen”, until her retirement in 2011. 

1960 – Mr. Allman opened a location at Willis Road & Route 1 in South Richmond. 

1969 – Richmond location sold to J.C.King, Jr. of Petersburg.   Sold to Bill Rauschburg in 1987.  Location was closed in 2003. 

1967 – Mr. Allman retired. Pete, continued to operate the restaurant until Dec 31, 1985, when he sold the restaurant to Wayne Parrish and G. M. “Jim” Haney. 

1987 – Mr. Parrish managed the business until his retirement in 2002, at which time he sold his interest to Haney. 

2002 – G. M. Haney’s son, Matt, became co-owner and general manager. 

Dec. 2007 – UMW purchased Park & Shop shopping center and began the creation of Eagle Village. 

July 2010 – Eagle Landing (student apartments within Eagle Village) was completed. 

Jan. 2014 – Hyatt Place opened in Eagle Village. 

2016 – Original fireplace used to cook the pork shoulders is refurbished.  

2019 – Allman’s celebrates 65 years of business.